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About us

          METRO company was established in 1989. Action profile focused on metrological control of measuring devices. At first, they were, for example, fuel dispensers at gas stations, gas meters, gas or fuel storage tanks, dynamometers and torque wrenches. The role of METRO was mainly to calibrate and calibrate individual measuring devices, and if these devices were subject to legal metrological control it was to prepare and mediate in the verification process. With the development of the road transport industry to Western Europe, there has been a problem of control of car tachographs, speed limiters, thermographers. Therefore, since 1994, the company's focus has been on solving issues related to this part of transport. Vehicle tachographs subject to legal metrological control may only be inspected by the Office of Measures or the bodies authorized to perform such activities by the President of the Central Office of Measures, who have met the relevant requirements. After more than two years of preparation in 1998, METRO was the first company in Poland to receive the accreditation certificate of the President of the Central Office of Measures A / 8/1/98 and then in 2002 the accreditation certificate of the Polish Accreditation Center No. AP008. The authorization for legalization issued by the President of the Central Office of Measures in 1998 was granted 2/98 and was the first mandate for legalization of tachographs. Obtaining the authorization has allowed the company to become independent. The problem that was bothering transport companies in those days was the high cost of operating the vehicles, the labor costs of the drivers and the imperfect logistics solutions. METRO's goal was to provide transportation companies with technical solutions that would reduce their operating costs. By strengthening its position on the market, the company is expanding its business and offering more and more modern equipment and increasingly comprehensive services. The legal status of tachographs at the moment has changed from what it was a few years ago, which is related to the introduction of digital tachographs.


Our offer:

Digital tachographs:

  • Warranty service for digital tachograph SE 5000 Stoneridge Electronics and Continental VDO GmbH
  • Full post warranty service for tachographs 1381 Continental VDO GmbH, SmartTach ACTIA, SE5000 Stoneridge Electronics
  • Calibration, digital tachograph periodec check

Analogue tachographs:

  • Tachograph service of all types from tachographs of Polish production Mera-Poltik by VEEDER-ROOT tachographs and ending with Kienzle tachographs
  • Calibration, anologue tachograph periodec check


  • Discs fot tachograps
  • Termal paper
  • Devices for downloading data from driver cards and digital tachographs
  • Analysis programs
  • Książki o tematyce Czasu Pracy Kierowców
  • Tachograpgh traning case


In a word the tachograph from A ... ... to Z

Speed limiter:

  • Installation of speed limiters for vehicles of all types
  • Periodic checks on compliance with regulation 92/6 / EEC - we issue information plates


  • Installation of thermographs

GPS system:

  • GPS systems with CAN bus reader, fuel probe, remote data download of digital tachograph data (DDD file)