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Program TachoStudio

Tachostudio software is a revolutionary solution for analyzing data from digital tachographs. Thanks to the use of modern technology the program has very large capabilities and extremely easy to use.


Tachostudio is used to download data from drivers chip cards and digital tachographs, file records, graphic interpretation of them, driver's time analysis, diet calculations, vehicle notifica- tion reports, vehicle data records, tachograph ...
Compliance with working time regulations is monitored on the basis of Regulation 561 and the AETR Agreement, with the option of selecting and scaling acceptable admissible deviations.
The data is presented in a user-friendly way in tabular form and in graphs. All presented data can be easily transferred to another program by exporting to a file.


Tachostudio has been designed for the user and is especially recommended for people who are first contacted with the digital tachograph system.


Thanks to the modular construction, it is possible to choose the right version of the program by selecting the appropriate modules.


Tachostudio works with all available data dovnloading devices: PC / SC, TachoDrive 1, TachoDrive 2, Optac, D-Box, file import and more.
It is worth mentioning that Tachostudio implements the possibility of configuring these devices, which slows down the operation of the need to use additional programs.


Activation and transfer of Tachostudio to another computer is done automatically over the internet and does not require a telephone contact with the customer service department.
All updates are available via the internet and the program informs them about their availability.