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Data downloading devices

Tacho2Safe universal reader for easy reading of data from driver card and digital tachograph. Tacho2Safe stands out for its ultimate functionality and capabilities. Made with the latest technology and with the user in mind, it guarantees a simple and effective tool for everyday work. Tacho2Safe allows you to retrieve driver card data via a built-in reader. Card reading is done without having to connect to a computer (in the office, on the square, on the vehicle ...). We add a program TachoStudio for visualization of data downloaded from drivers cards and vehicles in the Polish language.


TachoDrive ONE is the latest version of the professional key for downloading data from tachograph/card - TachoDrive, that allows to fulfil the legal requirements regading the data download and storage.


TachoDrive 4 is a new generation professional device used to download, analyze and store the data from digital tachograph and driver card.

TachoDrive4 allows downloading data from driver card, directly (built-in card reader) and indirectly via the tachograph front panel, as well as tachograph mass memory (using the attached cable).
The downloaded data can be instantly analyzed * and the analysis results displayed on a built-in LCD display.



TachoDrive 4 is available in four versions:

1 TachoDrive 4 STD witch allows

  • Downloading data from driver card and tachograph mass memory

2 TachoDrive 4 FLEET, has additionally

  • Reminders about next obligatory data download for fleet
  • Fleet creating own fleet by adding max. 125 vehicles and 125 drivers 

3 TachoDrive 4 PRO, has additionally

  • Driver card analysis infringements, graphic, summaric and activities report (last 28 calendar days)

4 TachoDrive 4 PRO C, has additionally

  • tachograph data analysis last inspection date, tachograph calibration date, events and faults, company lock-ins, speed diagram, manipulation test, detecting previously defined critical events and faults 


We also provide post-warranty service for data downloading device including repair of device, cables, etc.