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Digital tachographs

TachografyDigital tachographs are installed in vehicles since May 1, 2006. Since then, they have evolved considerably. The first generations of tachographs were slow in downloading data, the driver had to manually set the rest, in the tachographs offered today, downloading data from the 90-day period takes 4 minutes (SE5000), operate according to the one minute rule, then the user decides what tachograph activity to register after On / off ignition, tachographs are equipped with additional display to help drivers organize working hours forDDS  Stoneridge Electronics or VDO Counter for VDO. 

As an authorized partner of both brands in our offer we always have the latest versions of tachographs.


SE 5000

The new SE5000 Exact Duo2 tachograph is a "one minute rule" tachograph. It comes standard with proven Duo technology, a decision support tool that gives drivers real-time updates on both driving and rest times. It makes it easy to track routes, optimizing time spent on the road, and helping to keep it legal. Duo technology has been supplemented with calculations in line with the working time directive and ferry and train travel.


DTCO 1381

The DTCO 2.2 tachograph offers a combination of reliability, technology and ease of use. The new digital tachograph is compatible with the "one minute rule" and has a VDO Counter that allows the driver to better plan their work time.