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Tachograph traning case

We produce tachograph traning case in versious configurations.

The training case allows you:

  • Speed ​​simulation
  • Simulation of tachograph settings after ignition on / off

Additionally it allows:

  • Presentation of manual entries (manual completion of data on the driver card)
  • Making various prints
  • Presentation of the tachograph menu
  • Presentation of the overall operation of the tachograph
  • When using a company card, you can also show how to lockout is lock out data in the tachograph.

The tachograph traning case can be installed standard digital tachographs (any manufacturer), such as those fitted to vehicles, we train with a standard driver card (the driver card can be made with the "B" category). We can build new or used tachographs in one, two or three pieces in different configurations, eg DTCO 1381 and SE5000 tachograph, DTCO 1381 and analogue tachograph ... We are able to make every possible configuration. The case is equipped with a special device so that when the digital tachograph is activated with the training case, the digital tachograph does not generate any errors. The suitcase is made properly, it is almost armored. Our products have been recognized and are used to train drivers in Slovakia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Sweden and in a large number in Poland.

We also prduce training case equipped with tachographs in training versions (eg DTCO 1381-1214003001) with any number of available traning cards: driver card, company, workshop and control. Training cards available in many languages.

Sample projects: