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Digital tachographs, analogue tachographs, tachograph driver and tachograph data download solution, tachograph data analysis programs, remote data download from tachograph by GPS system, tachograph traning case.


Our offer


Authorized VDO and STONERIDGE tachograph service.

GPS systems

GPS systems with CAN bus reader, fuel probe, remote data download of digital tachograph data (DDD file)

Tachograph traning case

Tachograph raining cases designed to learn how to operate the tachograph in any configuration made by order.

Our shop

The online store offers tachograph consumables and accessories such as discs, diagrams, termal paper for digital tachograph, data reading device. In addition, books on driver's time, Tacho Drive Timer, tapes for thermographers, tachographs traning case, tachographs Stoneridge Electronics SE5000.

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